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On this page you'll find random things I've thought over the previous months. They could be book reviews, personal thoughts or useful pieces of information for authors.
Book Review: Ghostcloud, Michael Mann
Ghostcloud is a children's book set in a London that is blighted by the after-effects of a war with Europe, high levels of pollution, and crippling poverty. It’s hard not to assume that this is the author making his own personal comment on Brexit and Britain today, and I imagine some children, especially those who might take an interest in current affairs, will find this scenario quite alarming enough on its own.  Read more...
Book Review: Battle Ground, Jim Butcher
Over the course of my last few reviews, I’ve begun to feel like a stuck record. It’s my own fault; I need to be more careful when picking my publishers’ advance copies for review. 
Once again I’ve been reading a book which is from a series that I started some years ago but am now nowhere near up to date with, and, consequently, I’ve had no idea what was going on, who half the characters were and was clueless as to the condition of the main character’s love interests and relationships.

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