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Sharon Gray – Professional Proofreader
Proofediting is especially geared to the needs of self-publishing authors who haven’t got the support of a traditional publishing house to organise multiple rounds of editing. 
It works like a supercharged proofread where I look at the standard issues identified during a proofread but then also take a closer look at the writing itself, to help smooth out the readers’ experience and stop authors worrying about bad reviews. 
When I do a proofedit for an author, I do all the tasks included in a straightforward proofread, looking for: 
  • errors in spelling 
  • errors in punctuation 
  • errors in grammar
  • use of homophones and homonyms 
  • inconsistency of punctuation and spelling conventions (like commas, quote marks and UK alternative spellings)
  • inconsistencies in style (like capitalisation and  hyphenation)
  • inconsistencies in the formatting of headings, titles, headers and footers 
  • layout issues like misalignment of text or illustrations 
  • any skips, jumps or repetitions in your chapter and page numbers 
  • hyperlinks that don’t go to the correct website or page 
  • missing or incorrect labels on illustrations. 
and then go further to include: 
  • suggestions for replacements for overused or repetitive vocabulary 
  • suggestions for rewriting clunky sentences that might be confusing for the reader or which allow scope for misinterpretation 
  • making sure all the English idioms and metaphors make sense
  • checking and suggesting corrections for obvious factual errors
  • highlighting possible sensitivity and inclusivity issues
  • pointing out areas where there might be copyright permissions to check.

But, please note, this is not a developmental edit or a thorough line edit, and 
it doesn't include extensive rewriting.

A proofedit is a little more expensive than a proofread. For a manuscript of:

30,000 words, approximately £450
50,000 words, approximately £650
100,000 words, approximately £1020
150,000 words would be almost £1370.

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